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Grid Tied Solar
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Grid Tied Solar is a seamless flow of energy produced by the solar system during daylight hours to subsidise the sites Eskom/Municipal usage. This is the most financially viable solution when access to the grid is available.

There is no battery storage, the power produced is consumed instantly and seamlessly subsidises your grid usage.

  • – In standard commercial operating hours you can expect a 30 - 50% reduction in your grid usage (load profile dependent)
  • – Payback periods can vary between 2.8 and 6 years (dependent on the electricity tariff your organisation is on)
  • – Accurate system sizing is essential to ensure all power produced is consumed, maximising your financial returns
    Major components:
  • – Solar Panel
  • – Inverters
  • – Mounting Brackets
  • – Cabling
grid tied solar system
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