Installation of energy-efficient LED highbays for Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABInBev) has reduced energy consumption of their lighting systems by approximately 60%.

As specialists in the implementation of energy-saving solutions, ABInBev approached us to be part of the their sustainability initiative to reduce energy consumption at warehouse facilities in seven provinces around the country. This project involved upgrading outdated lighting systems at 16 ABInBev depots, to advanced energy-efficient MARS Bay XL LED systems. Following a comprehensive lighting audit at each depot, our team of design engineers identified problems to include low lux levels and excessive energy consumption resulting from obsolete technology.

Site-specific solutions to improve lighting levels and reduce electricity usage at each depot encompassed the replacement of existing luminaires with our locally-manufactured MARS Bay XL LED lighting system. Improved quality of illuminance levels at the depots have enhanced operations for workers – an important feature of this project. Automatic occupancy sensors, which form part of this installation, prevent lights being left on unnecessarily.

Our MARS Bay XL luminaires can offer an L80 B10 rating at 50 000 hours, which means light output after 50 000 hours of use would be at 80% of the initial output - which will still be within the required lux levels per OHSA. So, when these luminaires are installed in facilities that operate 24 hours a day throughout the year, will still produce 80% of its initial output after five years of continuous operation.

One of the challenges of this project was the tight two-month deadline for completion of installation works at 16 depots. Our dedicated site crew ensured that 4 173 luminaires and sensors were installed and in operation within the project schedule.

Improved Lux Levels and approximately 60% energy savings achieved at ABinBev

MARS Bay XL luminaires, available in modular configurations and optics, are fitted with 4 kV surge protection and deliver up to 142 effective lumen per watt. Performance is enhanced by specially designed accessories, including DALI and Bluetooth control.

This lighting system has advanced features for enhanced heat resistance, greater efficacy and extended life expectancy. Additional features include optional bi-level dimming and occupancy technology. The bi-level function maintains lighting at all times, but when the installation area is unoccupied, energy consumption is significantly lowered.

The dimmable lighting function also contributes to reduced energy consumption. When motion sensors detect movement, dimmed lighting is automatically switched back up to 100% performance.

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MARS Bay XL luminaires, with modular and adjustable distribution options, can be configured in multiple assemblies (between 850 mm and 2 200 mm) for versatility and mobility. These modular assembling options include an 850 mm, 1 100 mm, 1 400 mm, 1 700 mm and 2 200 mm, which can be mounted in-line or side-by-side, with multiple orientations. It is also easy to exchange or add extra fittings and to control individual switching.

This ‘plug-and-play’ system has been designed for quick and simple tool-free suspension or surface-mount installations, using a clip-in system. This clip-in system also facilitates adjustable tilt settings, between 10⁰ and 90⁰left or right, for side-washing on aisles or racking. Mars Bay XL luminaires offer high performance at 35⁰C and can withstand operation in very hot ambient conditions up to 50⁰C, with no compromise on performance.

We were responsible for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of energy-saving lighting solutions for this project and through our project funding facility - Magnet Capital - finance was obtained on a lease agreement. This means financial savings achieved in lieu of reduced energy consumption are sufficient to settle the required monthly lease payments – an attractive project offering to companies.

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