We were selected by Aecom to be their lighting partner on a project for ABSA offices in uMhlanga. A key benefit placing us at the forefront of the lighting industry, is our partnership with numerous international lighting brands. As such, 9 quality brands of lighting were selected for ABSA, which was fitting for a project of this magnitude. 

ABSA Umhlanga


A professional team, from several companies, collaborated on this project. This team consisted of an Electrical Engineer from Aecom, an architect from EPA, a construction site manager from WBHO, and an electrical contractor from Edison Power. The electrical contractor, Edison Power, executed the installation immaculately. Conceptual design and specification is only a part of what is needed for any project to be successful. Edison Power’s team brought our concepts to reality by doing a professional installation. The lighting was delivered in stages over the several months of the construction process. The parkades were the first areas which required lighting, followed by general office lighting, stair case lighting, feature lighting and then finally, the external lighting.

A highlight of this project for us was the lighting installed in the building’s Atrium - an area that is not double, but quadruple in volume. An entrance of this size needs to make a bold statement, something which we achieved effectively and effortlessly, using bespoke fittings from Italy.

Absa atrium


At the outset of the project, the client stipulated their request to achieve a 4-star GreenStar rating for the installation. This meant that we had to source products of premium quality and excellent efficiencies. Given this request, great care was taken in the selection of the correct luminaire for the many different applications that needed to be satisfied. We are proud to have achieved this rating for the client, by not only using energy-efficient LED lighting, but also by installing a solar water heating system, supplied by our water division.  

Every luminaire supplied for this project was an LED fixture. This means that a minimum of 50% of energy was saved. This not only provided financial benefits to our client, but also reduced carbon emissions into the atmosphere by not using as much of our coal-produced electricity as traditional light sources use. LEDs also produce much less heat as compared to traditional light sources. This means that the aircon load is reduced, and by effect, reducing the size of the air conditioning system required - again, saving both capex and electricity.

 “I have had great pleasure working with Magnet on this prestigious project. This project did come with various challenges and Magnet met them head on from design to implementation as well as assisting in times during the commissioning process. All building lighting requirements have thus far met the criteria to be 4-star rated in terms of green buildings. I had great exposure to new lighting technologies as well as reputable lighting brands. The after sales service received from Magnet is exceptional.” – Reshen Rambally, Aecom


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