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DISCOVER | Schneider Electric’s TeSys GV Motor Control Range

Included in our extensive portfolio of Schneider Electric products is the TeSys GV range of motor control circuit breakers. Advanced motor protection for a wide range of applications With an integrated short circuit and extended protection against thermal overload and phase loss, TeSys GV helps provide consistent performance, enhanced safety and uptime, cost savings, and great functionality. In addition, TeSys GV combines with the TeSys D range, to offer a complete motor control solution for everything from simple machines to complex motor control centers. TeSys GV2 The GV2 is designed for motors…

DISCOVER | Brady's Removeable Transparent Materials

Discover Brady's range of cleanly removable transparent materials Product description Brady B-521 and B-522 materials are engineered for use in temporary labelling applications where solvent resistance and print performance are required. They allow clean and easy removal without scraping and they do not damage the surface they were attached to. B-521, a polypropylene material, and B-522, a polyester material, both offer good solvent and low/high temperature resistance. In addition, B-522 offers good outdoor durability. Both materials are ideal to identify electronic and other components, for work…

DISCOVER | Eaton's 5PX Gen2 UPS

Exceptional efficiency, manageability and energy metering capabilities Advanced protection for Servers Switches Routers Storage devices Performance and Efficiency Eaton 5PX Gen2 provides Unity power factor (W=VA) capability. With 11% more power than other UPS, it can protect more servers. Energy Star 2.0 certified, 5PX Gen2 offers best-in-class efficiency performance to reduce energy consumption and cooling costs. Each 5PX Gen2 battery configuration provides the best size/runtime ratio. Management and Cybersecurity Innovative graphical LCD display brings all operating information at first sight.…

READ | What appliances can be connected to a Back-Up Power System?

We’re talking all things back-up power. If you missed it, catch up on previous articles now: 1. Introduction to back-up power and how it works 2. The importance of sizing a system, installation and maintenance Not sure which appliances you can connect to your system, and which items you will need to do without during load shedding? In this quick article, we outline the appliances that you can safely connect to a typical back-up power system, along with the items that you should avoid connecting…. Do: You should be able to connect the following appliances to a typical inverter system. However,…

PRODUCT NEWS | BradyJet J4000 Colour Label Printer

High impact, precision full colour that lasts Create a safer, more efficient workplace with compliant, photo-quality full-colour labels, signs and procedures that last. Balance the complexity of safety and compliance labels with the demands of an industrial environment while reducing your safety signage inventory and material waste. Overview This industry inkjet workhorse creates up to 5,000 impactful full-colour labels per day up to 203.20 mm wide on continuous or die-cut material Ideal for a wide variety of applications in safety, including Lean / 5S, lockout tagout, instructional or safety…


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